What People Say?


I know Dr. Koch to be a tireless advocate for each patient's inner vitality to throw off the "morbid influences" that inhibit optimal health. That's a special way of saying that she serves each person's God-given ability to reverse that which causes pain and suffering, and to embrace the vitality that is the body's birthright. She is a knowledgeable, caring, and relentless advocate for the joy of health, and thus is an integral part of people's processes to restore their best level of health possible.

–Dr. Jack Tips, N.D., PhD., C.Hom., C.C.N./USA


I have known Dr. Angelika Maria Koch for over five years now and have found her to be of the utmost professionality, integrity, ethics and one of the foremost practitioners in her field. She has gained an esteemed reputation for the care that she offers abused children as they have received benefits that have changed their lives in a positive and hopeful manner that they may have not received elsewhere.

–Mark Dargan Smith, ND, PhD, MD (MA)
Dean of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, NM / USA

Dr. Koch is highly regarded for her expertise in integrative medicine and brings an extensive knowledge and skill set to higher education and to community social welfare agencies. She is sought after for her highly effective and innovative treatment methods.

–Jean Ellis Sankari L.I.S.W. M.S.S.W Academy Head Holistic Health and Human Services / UNM Taos / USA

Working with Dr. Angelika Koch has been most beneficial, insightful and thorough concerning my health and wellbeing. Angelika is amazing in her ability and knowledge to address the symptoms of an illness, but also she is very adept at getting to the root of an ailment with a loving and penetrating method of verbal interaction. In the process the patient is often amazed to see and understand the interconnectedness of body, mind, spirit and emotions and with more understanding and appreciation we tend to take better care of our whole selves. Dr. Angelika Koch and her healing gifts are an oasis of undivided attention and calm in our current fast paced world. I am very grateful to be in her care.

–Mathilde Freeman, Breathwork Therapist, NM / USA

I personally believe Dr. Koch to be a most knowledgeable, professional, and responsible individual, and would highly recommend her as a unique and talented professional within her field of expertise and as an exceptional provider of an essential community service.

–Alberto A. Amura (Director of Alternative Designs, Reiki Master, dowser, Artist) / Brazil

I frequently recommend people I know to Dr. Angelika Koch for medical advice because I trust her knowledge and even more, her wisdom. Her treatments have worked well for me and for my family. Dr. Koch works with a unique combination of intuition and technology for her diagnostics and treatments; drawing on both ancient remedies and reaching forward into new technological frontiers. I find that in her every consultation Dr. Koch is compassionate, thoughtful and fully present to listen to her clients.

–Judit Barba, Taos, N.M. / USA

I have worked with Dr. Koch over the past five years and during that time I have come to know Dr. Koch as the finest doctor of homeopathic medicine I have ever met. Her clear, concise and insightful analysis and overall understanding of her patients, both adults and children, in a holistic sense is unsurpassed. She has successfully assisted me on a number my patients and has even cured a dermatological problem with my daughter; a problem or dictating M.D. could not resolve. Furthermore, it should be known that Dr. Koch’s approach to holistic treatment of sexually and violently abused children in Taos County is like no other I have ever seen. I have personally witnessed the success of her program and her addition to our community is invaluable.

–Dr. Caroline Colonna, D.O.M. Taos, NM / USA

I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know this remarkable woman for the past couple of years and have become increasingly impressed by her commitment in treating sexually and violently abused children in Taos County. What is most impressive is that I have seen the results and they are nothing short of amazing. Parents of abused children have, without solicitation, told me, privately, how grateful they are for Dr. Angelika Koch’s role in the healing of their kids. Dr. Koch’s capacity for compassion with her patients along with the holistic methods sets her apart from the sterile, run-of-the-mill, go-by-the-book, take-the-drug approach most commonly used but rarely successful. Dr. Angelika Koch has been a guest several times on my morning show for interviews about her work at (former)Terra Nova and, without fail, our phones light up with listeners who want to find out more.

–Brad Hockmeyer, KTAO Radio President, Taos, NM / USA

I am a Pediatrician and have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Koch on several clinical cases involving children who have either been sexually or physically and emotionally abused. Her clinic is the only holistic center in Northern New Mexico that treats sexually and violently abused children. I have found that many of the children that I am treating, using the allopathic model of medical care, do amazingly better when we have collaborated and incorporated homeopathic treatments and a more holistic approach to their healing process. Both children and their families have come back to me reporting on the positive experience they had working with Dr. Koch. I believe that the center she has founded here in Taos offers a unique service for these special needs children and their families that is not duplicated by any other agency in Northern New Mexico. To my knowledge her center may be the only one of its kind in the United States and can serve as a model for other communities.

–Loretta Ortiz y Pino, M.D. (Taos Clinic for Children and Youth) Taos, NM / USA

Dr. Koch has been treating my son for the last six months, and in my opinion with great success. Approximately three years ago my son was diagnosed with ADHD and immediately placed on medication. Throughout the first two and half years my son went through a variety of medications, all of which had serious and horrific side effects. After researching alternatives (former) Terra Nova was referred to us by Casa de Corazon. Upon meeting Dr. Koch my family and I became extremely comfortable and confident with her ability to help. She started my son on homeopathic remedies and now six months later my son is completely off all medication, he is doing better in school, his attitude has significantly changed and he is a pleasure to be around. Before seeing Dr. Koch, I was afraid for my son’s health and well-being. I feel that Dr. Koch’s knowledge, compassion and desire to help not only make her an extraordinary person, but also an asset to this community.

–Jeanna Elam & Judy Archuletta (Parents), NM / USA

Dr. Koch has facilitated amazing change for some of these children with abusive backgrounds and I am proud to work in collaboration with her for the benefit of our mutual clients and our community as a whole.

–Bonnie Schermerhorn Former Executive Director (Children Sexual Abuse Program) Taos, NM / USA

As a practitioner of Integrated Medicine and the Founder of Terra Nova Children’s Foundation and Medica Nova, Dr. Koch is providing services that have previously been unobtainable for these deeply abused and traumatized children. Dr. Koch coordinates with the traditional practitioners and therapists who work with these children but do not have her specialized training. She brings a wealth of knowledge and an integrated holistic philosophy that enables her to provide services that have not been available to the children or adults of this rural New Mexican area. I am not aware of any center anywhere that is providing the range of services or expertise that Ms. Koch can provide to the individuals in our community. This positive, hopeful and gentle approach Dr. Koch brings to this most difficult and tragic part of our culture, is a rare gift in trying times.

–Josie Lenwell, MA, LMFT psychotherapist, Taos, NM / USA

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch offers valuable information and assistance to our parents whenever crisis situations arise, such as the “whooping cough epidemic” that swept through our area. We are secure in her knowledge and that she is available to take care of our needs.

–Silke Markowski Director of Country Day School, Taos, NM / USA

My former student and now professional Herbal Practitioner Dr. Angelika Koch is a practitioner of high calibre. Due to her numerous skills, the school asked her to do some teaching with new intake of professional Diploma students. We found Dr. Angelika Koch’s skills exemplary and her character and conduct all that would be wished for when dealing with both students and patients.

–Jill Davies, Director of The Selfheal School (UK)