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Revolutionize Your Microbiome & Optimal Health! The microbiome is everywhere, at least everywhere on and in our body, especially in areas that have access to our environment. Every cell in the body, including those in the microbiome, is in continuous communication with other cells, locally and remotely, through chemical, electrical, and mechanical means. Bacteria communicate in a manner similar to neurons and despite being unicellular, they behave collectively by utilizing ‘Quorum Sensing’ that allows them to behave as a community in health. The body is a holistically integrated collection of ecosystems bound together through the microbiome, and both work together in health.


After utilizing the Systemic Cellular Detox System, target more specific concerns with the following protocols:

ByoClear – Microbiome Reset System – A diverse microbiome is crucial to our health. This is a two-part system. ByoClear 1 is a blend of medicinal herbs and ByoClear 2 is a blend of medicinal oils. Our microbiome can be destabilized by stress, other microorganisms, diet, and environmental toxins which may lead to a phenomenon called dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is characterized by the growth of undesirable organisms, overpopulation, or lack of diversity. Dysbiosis can lead to GI discomfort, poor digestive health, and unwanted metabolites. Byoclear 1 and 2 are specifically designed to help the body reset and support healthy flora.

Terra Byome – Soil-Based Terrain Health System – The Terra Byome system is a new approach to altering/stimulating the microbial terrain. Terrain probiotics have many benefits through transient interactions, unlike the other commensal MyByome products. These transient interactions come from a group of organisms we find in Kombucha, the soil, and dairy. These organisms are prepared in a proprietary way and in a capsule to deliver maximum potency. Combining soil-based terrain probiotics with prebiotics also enhances their overall beneficial effects.

Immuno Byome – Immune Support System – The Immune Byome system contains probiotics and prebiotics designed around the development of a healthy and effective immune system. A number of crucial organisms have been identified for their role in educating and maintaining a healthy human immune function. Combine those with the prebiotic for unsurpassed results and amazing health benefits to the immune system.

Neuro Byome – Gut-Brain Axis Support System – The Neuro Byome system combines prebiotics and probiotics. Research consistently shows how the microbiome is powerfully influenced by diet. Amazing research into our behavior, well-being, and mood has also been linked to our microbiome. Neuro Pre-Byome is specifically designed to deliver the phytonutrients most beneficial to our probiotic, Neuro Byome, and generally to the healthy gut-brain microbiome. Indeed, the gut-brain axis is linked to neuropsychological health. The role of the prebiotics, plus probiotics, positively supports these neurological processes.

Byocrine Byome  – Hormone Health System – The ByoCrine Byome system is a unique combination of hormone-balancing probiotics and prebiotics. Balancing microbes will balance hormones as many microbes in our GI and urogenital tract influence hormone function through direct hormone production or hormone signaling. In particular, the female urogenital microbiome is intimately associated with female health and function. New research describes the association of important species to immunity, estrogen, fertility, and healthy vaginal birth. Although data suggests it’s not as diverse as the GI tract, it is every bit as unique and powerful. Similarly, men’s microbiomes contribute to a healthy hormonal system.


Biophages – Micro Virome Maintenance – Biophages has a long-established presence in supporting a healthy microbiome through their ability to inhabit and replicate inside specific bacterial species. The biome formulas revolutionize the natural health approach to assisting the body’s normal microbial balance of prebiotic and probiotic influences via the part of the microbiome called the virome. The virome is an amazing part of the human microbiome and includes “phage” and other microorganisms.

Sal Vyrome – Utilizing the virome component of the body’s microbiome, this “phage” product focuses exclusively on helping the body manage its innate balance between diverse microbiome and normal levels of Salmonella species, in the Enterobacteriaceae family.

Eco Vyrome – Utilizing the virome component of the body’s microbiome, this “phage” product focuses exclusively on helping the body manage its innate balance between its normal microbiome and normal Escherichia coli (a gram-negative, rod-form bacteria that is often a useful inhabitant of the human gastrointestinal tract. But like the microbes, can over-proliferate or mutate when the innate terrain is conducive).

Pseudo Vyrome – Utilizing the virome (phageome) component of the body’s microbiome, this “phage” product focuses exclusively on helping the body manage Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a gram-negative, rod-form bacterium. It is opportunistic, causing dysbiosis and inflammation, often associated with burns, ear infections, and bladder issues. Its resilience and resistance to treatments make it a potential challenge. Because of this, phage therapy provides an exciting avenue of scientific promise.

Skin Vyrome – Skin Vyrome revolutionizes the natural health approach to assisting the body’s natural microbial balance of prebiotic and probiotic influences. Indicated for skin microbiota balance and support of skin microbiome species diversity.

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The products themselves are not intended for, and are not offered as a cure, palliative, or ameliorator for any disease or ailment; but are intended solely for nutritional and dietary purposes.