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Menopause is a complex biological process, but the most significant changes taking place in a woman's body during this time are that there’s increasing loss of ovarian follicles (called follicular atresia) and, therefore, a decreasing amount of estrogen being produced. Estrogen levels start to drop 6–12 months before menopause (during perimenopause, usually in the late 30s and 40s) and continue throughout the menopause process. Women can experience a variety of symptoms and conditions related to changes in sex hormone levels and aging. The Foundational Female Health Protocol is indicated for the support of the Endocrine System, Pre-Menopause, Menopause, Dryness, Moodiness & Maintenance.

All products are specifically selected and combined to meet the requirement of a faster and more wholesome recovery.

Femicrine – Femicrine is a uniquely designed formula combining a powerful blend of clinically researched phytonutrients and herbalomics supporting female endocrine health throughout the natural stages of menopause. Femicrine positively influences cellular status, healthy estrogen activity, feminine microbiome, breast health, hot flashes, dryness, moodiness, and nervousness. Herbs that support natural libido and normal female menses.

Extracellular Ketones – Exogenous ketones are powerful regulators of cellular longevity and directly support both brain and muscle metabolic activities. This Extracellular Ketones formula provides stable ketones, easily processed in the body into free β-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB) and the free elemental calcium, magnesium, and sodium salts are beneficial to cellular function. For people adapting to, and maintaining, a ketogenic energy supply, supplementing with Extracellular Ketones provides fuel for cellular energy and supports fat-burning cellular metabolic activities. Studies show that having available ionic Calcium and magnesium significantly reduces menopause symptoms and helps protect against bone loss.

DV3 – This is a unique formula of vitamin D3 plus vitamin E, beta-glucan, turmeric, L-carnitine, calcium, and magnesium, and includes liver and kidney support. Replete with the necessary vitamin K2 which should always accompany vitamin D supplementation, this is a top-of-the-line, clinically effective supplement for establishing activated vitamin D receptors associated with optimal health.

Vista One & Vista Two – Vista is the culmination of Systemic Formulas’ ongoing nutrigenomic and metabolomic cell membrane research. Vista is a revolutionary product that supports cell membrane integrity via essential phospholipids, antioxidants, amino acids, and botanicals. This groundbreaking formulation provides essential and unique nutrients to the mitochondria, Golgi, endoplasmic and plasma membranes. Vista promotes healthy cell membrane structure and helps maintain overall health. Phospholipids and fatty acids facilitate improved cellular hormone receptivity, mitochondrial integrity, and nerve sheath stability.

Terra Superfood – Terra Superfood is a revolutionary formula designed to support the growth of soil-based organisms (SBO) in our intestines. We have sourced the most comprehensive group of plants, vegetables, fruits, and enzymes making a true SBO prebiotic. This unique comprehensive prebiotic not only feeds the Terra Byome but also provides critical interactions with both SBOs and our plant microbiome. Furthermore, Terra Superfood can be used anytime as a superfood drink. Take Terra Superfood with Terra Byome or the Byocrine Byome Hormone Health System probiotics. Phytonutrients are beneficial for hormonal balance and female endocrine health from a diversity of prebiotic vegetables, fruits herbs, and enzymes.

Terra Byome – Terra Byome is a novel approach to diversifying and stimulating the human microbial terrain. Terrain probiotics uniquely provide many health benefits through both transient and seemingly long-term interactions. Soil-based organisms (SBO) support metabolism, and gut health and most importantly they provide our first line of defense. We find them in the soil, water, ferment, and dairy. Terra Byome delivers the most diverse SBO formulation made. These organisms are prepared in a proprietary way and deliver maximum potency throughout the GI tract.

MEDICA NOVA takes care of all these aspects, which ultimately truly support the woman’s recovery process.

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The products themselves are not intended for, and are not offered as a cure, palliative, or ameliorator for any disease or ailment; but are intended solely for nutritional and dietary purposes.