Dr. ANGELIKA MARIA KOCH, DNM RSHom HNH, NBC-HWC is a trained health care practitioner of Integrated Medicine, Doctor of Natural Medicine, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and the owner of MEDICA NOVA, LLC, Practice for Integrated & Educational Medicine. As a licensed & registered homeopath, certified iridologist, certified sclerologist, certified master herbalist, certified foot glyphologist, certified reflexologist, certified color therapist, and certified health & wellness coach with nearly three decades in clinical practice, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch has synthesized and applied a unique blend of effective, cutting-edge therapeutic tools in an innovative and holistic approach for her client's well-being.

Utilizing homeopathy, iridology, sclerology, systemic herbology, cellular biology, color therapy, advanced biofeedback, health & wellness coaching, and psychology, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch passionately continues her exploration of holistic treatments for this complex and unfolding New World. Her extensive international training and education were acquired in England and the United States.

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch studied Color Therapy at the Hygeia Studios/UK, with Theo Gimbel, a close associate to Rudolf Steiner, Reflexology at the Churchill Centre, London/UK, Homeopathy at the College of Homeopathy, London/UK, Postgraduate Training as a Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy at the School For Advanced Homeopathic Studies, London/UK with Jeremy Sher, Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine at the Selfheal School, Norfolk/UK with Jill Davies, Iridology at the Independent School of Iridology/UK with Alan Payne, Sclerology and Foot Glyphology at the International Sclerology Institute with Dr. Jack Tips/USA, Plant Spirit Medicine at the Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont/ USA with Pam Montgomery, Health & Wellness Coaching at Wellcoaches School/USA & National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, and Practitioner Training of Systemic Formulas/USA and L.I.F.E.-System of Advanced Biofeedback/USA

She was the founder and director of TERRA NOVA, Center for Integrated & Educational Medicine, Taos/NM. The center acted as a satellite clinic and internship for students and practitioners of the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, NM, and the University of New Mexico in Taos. Founder of the nonprofit organization, TERRA NOVA CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION, (501(c)(3), the first holistic treatment center for sexually and violently abused children in Northern New Mexico. TNCF stood as a forerunner in holistic healthcare prevention as well as "cutting the destructive future pattern" within sexually and violently abused children.

As a professor, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch teaches online courses in integrated medicine, homeopathy, and Quantum Healing at the University of New Mexico. She is the author of her award-winning book THE DANCE OF YOUR CORE HEALING, Transforming Your Mind, Body & Soul in the New World, and publishes monthly free newsletters which are available on her website via subscription and public social media. Her book won the 2014 – Living Now Book Award, for Year’s Best Books for Better Living and was selected as a Finalist in the 2014 USA Best Book Awards. Regular YouTube videos about how to live in optimal health & vibrant well-being are featured on MEDICA NOVA WELLNESS STUDIO YouTube channel.

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch, born in Germany, currently resides in Taos, New Mexico & the UK.

..."On the transpersonal level she has the capacity to teach people to ecognize and honor the good that lies in their own individuality. She teaches that by honoring the good in oneself, each of us honors the whole. Her ability to see through to the core of any situation can expose the diseases that prohibit a healthy body, mind, or spirit, and the result is purifying and healing…
(For clearer understanding, "You" was changed into "She")

-Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy from Spiritual Astrology


I know Dr. Koch to be a tireless advocate for each patient's inner vitality to throw off the "morbid influences" that inhibit optimal health. That's a special way of saying that she serves each person's God-given ability to reverse that which causes pain and suffering, and to embrace the vitality that is the body's birthright. She is a knowledgeable, caring, and relentless advocate for the joy of health, and thus is an integral part of people's processes to restore their best level of health possible. 

-Dr. Jack Tips, author The Pro-Vita! Plan For Optimal Nutrition

My aim is to assist you in the communication of your inherent creative intelligence
to heal itself and bring forth your pure potentiality.
In this way each and every one of us contributes to a better health for humanity.

-Dr. Angelika Maria Koch


For further information contact Medica Nova at health@medicanova.net