Homeopathy is a complete therapeutic system of medicine that aims to promote general health, thus reinforcing the body’s own natural healing capacity. With its countless scientifically proven protocols, it proudly beacons today as one of the most effective deep-acting vibrational therapies. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that clinically applies the “law of similars” and which uses medicinal substances in weak or “infinitesimal doses”. The law of similars is the formulation of a physiological state of things that had already been observed in the 5th century BC. by Hippocrates and his school. In simple language, it would state that any substance that can make you ill can also cure you or anything that is capable of producing symptoms of disease in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person.

For the homeopath, the meaning of health is expressed in its ability to adapt easily to environmental changes on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. The disease is an imbalance that affects always the whole person, therefore the true disease, the imbalance, was prior to the localization of symptoms and its clinical labels.

The remedies are made from plants, animals, minerals, metals, and everything that the planet and universe provide in minute doses to avoid unpleasant side effects.

(by M. Castro, RSHom & Jacques Jouanny M.D. & Dr. A.M. Koch)



The science of iridology is based on the analysis of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the whole body - the iris. A qualified practitioner can tell from the markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. Furthermore, these markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body, its constitutional strength, areas of congestion or toxic accumulations, and inherent strengths and weaknesses. Nature has provided us with invaluable insight into the vital status of the health of the body by transmitting this information to the eye.

Most of the presented diseases are of a chronic nature. Iridology gives essential insight into the development of these chronic diseases or the diminishing of that disease or inflammation. It is this tissue change that takes place in the patient that makes iridology especially valuable. Iridology offers a unique perspective on the concept and practice of preventive medicine. The iris can indicate a problem in its earliest inception, long before disease symptoms are present. With this information, a health program can be developed which is tailored to the specific needs of the client, thus preventing the manifestation of disease.

(by Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D.)



The eye is a fabulous instrument! In addition to its remarkable ability to translate wavelengths of light into nerve impulses for vision, it registers and reflects the nerve impulses from all over the body into a pattern that reveals specific stresses and conditions that affect a person’s health.

In physiology, the eye is connected and continuous with the brain’s dura mater (the outermost, toughest of the three membranes of the brain and spinal cord) through the fibrous sheath of the optic nerve.

The eye is directly connected with the sympathetic nervous system and spinal cord. The optic tract extends to the thalamus area of the brain which is in close association with the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands which are major control and processing centers for the entire body. Thus the eye is in direct contact with the bio-energetic, biochemical, structural, and metabolic processes of the body via the nerves, blood vessels, muscle fibers, and lymph. The word “Sclerology” means the study of the hard, firm, fibrous outer coat of the eye known as the white of the eye or “sclera”.

More than the study of the white part of the eyes, Sclerology is a method of interpreting the red lines, colorations, and markings in the sclera as they relate reflexively to the whole body's health. The sclera is revealing of many forms of dis-ease (stresses, imbalances, energy blockages) wherever they originate by the characteristics of the red lines and markings that appear, disappear, and reappear in the sclera. The sclera will register imbalanced body chemistry or deficiency in basic nutrition, structural misalignments, nerve affections, weakness in physiology, as well as stresses in the mental and emotional aspects. Sclerology is not a diagnostic tool but addresses the “whole person science” and therefore serves as an invaluable tool.

(by Dr. Jack Tips, N.D. Ph.D.)



Foot Glyphology was founded by A.S. Wheelwright, who also was the creator of Systemic Formulas, and is a unique reflexive art and science. It is not the same as Foot Reflexology whereby practitioners press on the feet to discover and dissipate the congestive “crystals” that inhibit the body’s return to more optimal health.

Foot Glyphology is a method to interpret the line configurations that lay over the foot reflexology organ/tissue zones. Like the “crystals” that gather sympathetically in the reflex zones, the lines impart the message of congestive stress.

But more than simply bearing testimony to congestion or struggling gland or organ, the lines, according to Wheelwright, also frequently reveal the specific kind or nature of the stress, and thus they provide more definitive insights about pathogen involvement such as virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

(by Dr. Jack Tips, N.D. Ph.D.)


“The Ones that Work!”

A.S. “Doc” Wheelwright, recognized as one of today’s foremost nutritional authorities, achieved a revolutionary breakthrough that expanded the frontiers of natural healing. During his lifetime, he gained a reputation as an internationally renowned herbal nutritionist and biochemist; parasitologist, and gardener. He traveled all over the world to study with Native American, Chinese, European, South American, and Philippine herbalists, healers, and health experts in evaluating alternative health systems. Compelled by an intense desire to find solutions for humanity’s greatest health concerns, Wheelwright spent more than 40 years researching and testing the ways in which herbs activate nutrients and work synergistically to provide the impetus for the body to effect deep and thorough healing of the causes of symptoms.

Wheelwright’s resulting Systemic Formulas are renowned to be the cornerstone of effective nutritional programs and are a true expression of Quantum-Physics in herbology.

(by Dr. Jack Tips, N.D. Ph.D.)


THE L.I.F.E. SYSTEM - Living Information Forms Energy

The L.I.F.E System is an evoked biofeedback device used by health practitioners in achieving Stress Management, Energetic Harmony, and Balance. Living Information Systems is dedicated to producing the finest evoked potential Biofeedback and Stress Management device possible. Every component of the L.I.F.E. System has been compiled with the greatest degree of competency and integrity.

It is used by those who are interested in the exciting world of quantum science and see this system as a bridge between traditional healing approaches and energy medicine.

An evoked potential biofeedback device records subtle, “reactive”, informational “stress potentials” provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The L.I.F.E. System seeks to create and integrate an environment of wellness, balance, and harmony. The entire process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.


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