Integrated Mental Health


Mental Health



The Science of Body Ecology

Asynchronous/synchronous 8-week online course; 30 study hours

Awarded with Certification of Completion - Available on Demand

The comprehensive course Integrated Mental Health facilitates the student, present and future integrated healthcare practitioners as well as mental health professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, marriage & family therapist, mental health counselor, and nurse practitioner) who want to further develop their skills in the mental health niche with an understanding of holistic concepts of Integrated Mental Health.

With an evidence-based approach to holistic health, integrative mental health care is a rapidly emerging paradigm that combines traditional medicine, psychotherapy, and a range of CAM (complementary and alternative) therapies. Advances in the understanding of the causes of mental illness have important implications for therapeutic uses in the treatment of depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, Autism, bipolar disorder, and other mental health problems. Students gain knowledge and practice to support a whole-body approach to mental health disorders, utilizing multiple fields of medicine, such as homeopathy, nutritional sciences, and mindful exercise routines.

Although this is an online course, I would like to guide and tutor you according to your individual needs and study progress during this course. I also encourage you to take advantage of scheduled face-to-face Zoom meetings, which further allow questions and more in-depth tutorials.

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I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you as an instructor and Wellness Coach and I value your input as a resource for inspiration and encouragement on my path of personal growth and development. I have found that as I move through my day and decisions pop up I frequently reflect on our conversations and look back at the session reports to help guide my decision-making. Thank you for the time, energy, and effort invested in preparing and sending those reports. I sincerely hope I may have the opportunity to work with you again. Have a beautiful day! – K. S. / USA

Hello Dr. Angelika Maria Koch, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the privilege of being in your class. Your teaching style and the content of the course have made a significant impact on my academic journey and personal development. I have acquired a deeper understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between academic and personal well-being. Your emphasis on holistic growth has inspired me to prioritize my health and adopt healthier coping mechanisms during challenging times such as the one mentioned in my discussion. The lessons learned in your class have become valuable tools that I apply in various aspects of my life, especially in navigating difficult moments. Thank you for creating an environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also personal growth. – G.G.S. / USA

Course Fee: $ 225 (incl. transaction fee)

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