Stress Less


Stress Less



A Practical Guide To Living With Ease

Asynchronous/synchronous 4-week online course; 15 study hours

Awarded with Certification of Completion - Available on Demand

The online course Stress Less facilitates students, wellness professionals, and nurses who want to develop their skills in the wellness niche with an understanding of the principles and concepts of Stress-Free Living. This course is of value to anyone interested in living and enjoying a life with more ease and flow.

The course is designed to examine the topic of stress and includes the assessment of stress triggers and the application of stress management techniques. Students will study and implement the Mayo Clinic’s Stress-Free Living program and its principles, a structured program attending to individual well-being. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, mindfulness meditation, psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience, the inspiring Stress Less course offers many practices and suggestions that will lead to greater peace and equanimity, even in a busy and stress-filled world.

Students further will be introduced to relaxation therapies and effective holistic stress-reducing protocols next, to a selection of visual and audible study media.

The purpose of this course focuses on establishing a new relationship to our thoughts and feelings while fostering a life-affirming way of living.

Although this is an online course, I would like to guide and tutor you according to your individual needs and study progress during this course. I also encourage you to take advantage of scheduled face-to-face Zoom meetings, which further allow questions and more in-depth tutorials.

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All Medica Nova Online Education Courses are accessible via Canvas LMS, an open and reliable web-based software that allows our students to manage and assess online learning materials. You are welcome to study from the comfort of your home via apps, phones, computers, and iPads. Once you have purchased the course, you will receive further instructions on how to create your free personal account and use your course code.

Course Fee: $ 120 (incl. transaction fee)


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