Thriving With Homeopathy


A Practical Guide For The Whole Family, Carers, Nurses & Beyond

Individual Study Guidance & Certificate of Completion / 50 study hours

Cost: $ 465

The comprehensive course Thriving With Homeopathy welcomes everyone interested in living optimal health, present and future health care practitioners, carers as well as nurses with an in-depth understanding of homeopathy, its philosophy, and practical application. Next, to the main subject homeopathy, the student also will be introduced to the interrelationship between the Mind, Body, and Soul with their intricate communication channels and unlimited potentialities.

The course offers a broad understanding of a homeopathic First-Aid Kit with its 36 remedies and 12 Biochemic Homeopathic Schüssler’s Cell Salts. The participant will be able to assess useful homeopathic remedies for common ailments like aches and pains, fever, influenza, headache, migraine, earache, sore throat, upper respiratory disorders, coughs and colds, digestive disorders, skin and hair symptoms, and related disorders, fungal infections as well as emotional distress and sleep problems to fatigue and childhood complaints. Applied homeopathy in acute situations addresses ailments like animal bites, bruises, burns, injuries, nosebleeds, stings, sprains and strains, heat strokes, and wounds as well as ailments that can occur during travels.

As each homeopathic remedy portrays its unique and individual psychological profile, the participant will be able to confidently demonstrate the application of homeopathic remedies regarding emotional imbalances like anxiety, stress, grief, and depression.

This comprehensive course offers an opportunity for the student, not only to collect a wealth of information about homeopathy but also to re-direct and apply the key concepts to his/her own healing process.

The course consists of 450 pages, and 50 study hours, and is presented with 16 modules (including 15 homework assignments), audio, and media links. It covers a 16-week course. To enhance your personal study experience, this course includes 8 one-hour Zoom meetings.

Although this is an online course, I personally will guide you step by step throughout the entire material and therefore offer you an individual tutorial…which you usually do not get with online courses!

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I learned so much from this course, before taking it, I had no idea what homeopathy even was! I definitely want to use these remedies instead of prescriptions when certain symptoms develop. I even have been teaching some of my family about it and trying to get them to adopt this style as well. I feel like everyone should learn about homeopathy so they have insight into what it is, and can choose to use it as an alternative as well.

– S. Briggs, NM / USA

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for being such a great instructor. Although this was an online course I truly enjoyed every part of it and I learned a lot. I am thankful that you helped me learn about homeopathy and apply it to different cases. This course will surely help me as I progress through nursing school. I truly enjoyed your course and I hope I may be able to be taught by you again at some point.

– M. Chavez, NM / USA

This course put me on the healing path and completely changed my life. It enabled me to be in the healing profession today. It is a fantastic class! Truly opened me up to homeopathy. Angelika is an amazing teacher!

–J. Martin- Richmond, NM / USA

I want to thank you so much for this amazing experience. It has been one of the most useful and insight-bearing classes I have ever had the opportunity to take. I love how it helps me personally and how it can be used to help others even more than before. I could see myself studying homeopathy much more in-depth if given the opportunity.

–N. Peters, NM / USA