Sports Injury Recovery Program


CONGRATULATIONS in your interest of the SPORT INJURY RECOVERY PROGRAM, used for ligaments, muscle, and tissue damage. From ski accidents, sprained ankle to the painful tennis elbow, this natural and effective protocol is just right for you. All products are specifically selected and combined to meet the requirement of a faster and wholesome recovery.

The SPORT INJURY RECOVERY PROGRAM covers multiple circumstances, from common sports injuries, bruises, sprains and strains to any mental and emotional trauma caused by accidents or injuries. The combination of suggested homeopathic remedies and effective natural supplements will promote a deep and lasting cellular healing result, which rarely can be achieved with orthodox prescriptions.

While you recover, either at home or in hospital, it is of vital importance to provide you with a balanced treatment plan, which not only supports the repair of damaged ligaments, muscles, and tissues, but also simultaneously detoxifies the body of cellular waste. With the added help of the homeopathic remedies, the entire tissue recovery process will be dramatically quickened resulting in an effective and reduced pain management.




  • Serves as a cellular detoxifier with the emphasis in supporting nutritionally the tissue integrity.
  • Provides anti-inflammatory ingredients for general pain relief associated with sports injuries and work out regimens.
  • Due to the deep cellular support, often a minimum supply of painkillers is needed as the natural remedies speed up the cellular tissue regeneration.
  • Increases the body's energy level and aids in building lean muscle mass. (often necessary after removal of cast)
  • Aids in the strengthening of ligaments, muscles, and tissues and rebuilding of good, quality muscle after sports and exercise exertion.
  • Supplies effective support for weakened areas requiring chiropractic adjustment muscle spasms that pull or torque vertebrae.
  • Supports and accelerates the repair of damaged tissue during its inherent healing (deep rest) cycle. Assists in the repair of collagen and soft tissue.
  • Provided homeopathic remedies release cellular and mental/emotional traumas from the tissues caused by the injury and therefore enhances the tissue regeneration of the body.
  • Suggested homeopathic remedies add in the prevention of post-injury inflammation. Through their excellent capacity to stimulate the client’s inherent vital force to heal itself, internal and external wounds heal faster.
  • Provides a faster and joyful return to your family, children, work and life in general.


The SPORT INJURY RECOVERY PROGRAM can be purchased with a FREE phone consultation.

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The products themselves are not intended for, and are not offered as a cure, palliative, or ameliorator for any disease or ailment; but are intended solely for nutritional and dietary purposes.