Female Surgery Recovery Program

CONGRATULATIONS in your interest of the FEMALE SURGERY RECOVERY PROGRAM, specifically used after abdominal surgeries, like partial or full hysterectomy, laparoscopic removal of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, adhesions (scar tissue) or the removal of a tube, ovary or fibroids.

This natural and effective protocol is unique and was designed by myself. It exclusively is offered at Medica Nova! All products are specifically selected and combined to meet the requirement of a faster and wholesome recovery.

Having myself experienced an invasive abdominal surgery, I am very aware of the possible emotional and physical difficulties, especially during the post-surgery period, which so often can be a result of this procedure. Due to my knowledge in natural health, I could help and support my body quite easily and without any complications. My protocol entailed effective and natural supplements and homeopathic remedies. While, I was healing, I thought about the many women who do not have access to this invaluable protocol in helping themselves during their recovery process. Therefore, I designed the FEMALE SURGERY RECOVERY PROGRAM for You!

Abdominal surgeries not only will affect tissue damage, but also will affect the entire body. Due to the procedure and onslaught of medication the resulting post-surgery ailments mostly concentrate on the gastro-intestinal system. It is common to experience abdominal pain, constipation and an overall stagnation. After the surgery, you will be advised to follow a post-surgery protocol, especially regarding a diet plan. Initially, a more liquid-based diet is favored allowing the digestive system to settle in its own time.

You may ask yourself: "What can I eat?" or "How can I supply my body with the most necessary nutrients to assist the overall recovery process?" Any surgery will affect the body in some way, due to its invasive nature and the onslaught of applied medication. The liver, our most necessary organ of general detoxification has a direct link toward our digestive system comprised of stomach, small intestines and colon, as the main organs. This vital Healing-Triad needs to be addressed, especially regarding the cellular detoxification of the surgery. The included product, ACCELL–Therapeutic Nutritional Beverage Mix, not only supports the entire nutritional building-program, but also works on the "drainage aspect" allowing the body to detoxify from external stimuli, like anesthetics, painkillers, antibiotics etc.

As the FEMALE SURGERY RECOVERY PROGRAM is designed to help women after abdominal surgeries, an emphasis is given to the endocrine system, the hormonal supplier of our body as well as providing a natural and effective protocol for the digestive system and mental/emotional aspect of the client. It is common, that the woman may experience upcoming emotions, like loss of vital organs, grief, anger and the need to create a new relationship toward her body. Yet, these deep-seated energetic blockages also can be the deciding factor of a smooth and wholesome recovery or a time of resistance to adapt.

MEDICA NOVA takes care of all these aspects, which ultimately truly support the woman’s recovery process after abdominal surgeries.




  • Provides all nutrients in a balanced liquid option with easy assimilation, especially after abdominal surgeries.
  • Restores the congested digestive-and colon system (often affected after surgeries).
  • Supports the general "drainage process" in allowing the body to detoxify from external stimuli, like anesthetics, painkillers, antibiotics etc.
  • Supports the hormonal balance.
  • Restores depleted adrenal glands and immune system.
  • Provided homeopathic remedies release cellular and mental/emotional traumas from the tissues caused by the surgery and therefore enhancing the tissue regeneration of the body.
  • Suggested homeopathic remedies add in the prevention of post-surgery inflammation, hemorrhages or infection of the blood. As the remedies stimulate the client’s inherent vital force to heal itself, internal and external wounds heal faster with the result of less immune-depleting drug-therapy.
  • Provides a faster and more joyful return to your family, children, work, and life in general.


The FEMALE SURGERY RECOVERY PROGRAM can be purchased with a FREE phone consultation.

For further information and price contact Medica Nova at health@medicanova.net

The products themselves are not intended for, and are not offered as a cure, palliative, or ameliorator for any disease or ailment; but are intended solely for nutritional and dietary purposes.