Detoxification Program


MEDICA NOVA is proud to offer the most well thought out, comprehensive, easy, health-supportive DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM available today. If you are new to the concept of detoxification, you will soon be a big fan after reading this material, because you will understand how critically important it is to your health.

Detoxification is a natural key body function involving the elimination of metabolic waste, the body’s own produced waste, and other toxins via the eliminatory organs - the skin, the kidneys and especially the liver. As much as 80% of all physical chemical processes involve detoxification activities and our modern-day living has led to an increased exposure of alarming toxic accumulation reaching a scale never seen before. Next to the toxic byproducts of our own metabolism, we are faced with the onslaught of toxins via our food, drinks and lifestyle, from alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, and not to mention the increasing air, water and environmental pollution.

Due to this new palette of environmental toxins, the common detoxification programs can be not as effective anymore, as during the cleanse, these toxins and new chemicals can penetrate deeper into the body crossing the blood brain barrier once they are reintroduced to the blood and lymphatic channels for elimination.

Anybody who wants to protect his health, rebuild his health and maintain his optimal health must detoxify his or her body. Chronic and/or degenerative diseases are almost impossible to meet effectively without a clear and thorough cleansing plan. This incredible scope of toxins weakens our body’s defenses and making us more susceptible to disease and stress.



Each time, I completed my detox program I felt a distinct sense of a deep rejuvenation within my body and all organs. Stored up toxins, dormant for month and years, were now released and eliminated. My liver felt happy and soft again followed by a palpable ease throughout my entire digestive system. My life became more productive and certainly more creative.
After the detox is completed, you feel ‘lighter’ and certainly will experience more energy during your workouts and daily chores. As the detoxification protocol removes heavy metals, stored chemicals, biofilms and free radicals, your body’s immune system will be stronger and more resilient to external stimuli, like colds and flu. With a cleaner blood, you feel filled with vitality and life just feels much better again!



Toxins and free radicals can affect your brain function. Sleep problems, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, lack of memory or general brain fog and chronic exhaustion are all indicators for a ‘congested brain’. After the detox, you will enjoy a clarity and sharpness of your mental faculties which is more than surprising. Even during challenging and emotional times, you will find yourself with a remarkable ability in making wholesome distinctions and decisions. This newly regained mental power and ability to discern can be used in all areas of life, in your work area or personal relationships by clearing away the clutter of unresolved issues to family matters. I always welcomed this unexpected life-affirming gift after having completed a detoxification program.



As you journey through the detoxification process feeling better and healthier by the day, you naturally want to change certain habitual behaviors, like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, consuming recreational drugs or changing your diet. You may think of introducing an exercise regime into your daily schedule or join a yoga class.

This new way of living will gradually emerge from the very core of your being. As you want to maintain this newfound sense of vibrancy, you also want to be and stay healthy. To embrace a detoxification program is a dance you will never forget!






The Ultimate Whole-Body Cleanse For Radiant Health consists of three phases, each covering 20-30 days, depending on the sensitivity and health status of the client. The first phase concentrates in deeply cleansing the ‘Healing-Triad’ of liver, left liver lobe, gallbladder, stomach, and colon allowing for ample toxin removal and drainage.



Most commercial cleanses will stop right here! They all may have beneficial effect on the liver, stomach, colon and kidneys, but will not go further into the interior of the body. The second phase focuses on the ‘Extra Cellular Matrix’ (ECM), the very part, which is situated between the cells or collagen. Here toxins can be stored when the regular detoxification processes, the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and lungs) cannot handle the workload. In this extra-cellular level, toxins rest dormant inside fat cells, called adipose cells, and are deposited in the fibrous collagen, which connects and supports other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles and cartilage.



It gets better as we go along! In Phase Three, the program focuses on the inner cellular processes and improving cellular function. Deep-seated toxins are the main cause of inflammation of the cell membrane. As the membranes inflame and are unable to receive and convert the ‘incoming messages’, due to its damaged receptors and receptor genes, and are unable to receive vital nutrients for their cell interior regarding cellular energy production, it is only a matter of time until the cell prematurely starves or dies of life-giving energy supply. Scientists today agree that a lack of ATP/ energy production is the root cause of all diseases.


The ULTIMATE WHOLE-BODY DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM can be purchased with a FREE phone consultation.

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The products themselves are not intended for, and are not offered as a cure, palliative, or ameliorator for any disease or ailment; but are intended solely for nutritional and dietary purposes.